Company Track Record

The Contessa Team has served customers across all verticals. The team has collective experience with both private and public sectors. Industries served are:

  • • Govt. Entity
  • • Telecom Industries
  • • Banking & Financial
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Info Technology
  • • Public & Quasi Public
  • • NGO

Contessa Stepped into the world of infotainment, building and launching a digital platform where end users get access to a massive array of educational ,social awareness,creative and cognitive exercise and gaming content. With the collaboration of CUET, Contessa also hosted and conducted a 2 month traning profram focused on Big Data, Block Chain, IOT, Machine learning and Robotics.To make sure learning is not restricted within just the theoretical,fully functioning laboratories were also up to give participants a hands on experience.



Every step taken is geared towards establishing a firmer position for Contessa in the field. With the excellence of skill and service mustered through the years, Contessa now looks to broaden horizons with specialized training, optimized solutions, cybersecurity, digital forensics and expert consultancy.



Collaborating with internationally recognized training institutes and local universities, Contessa looks towards a brighter tomorrow where freshers and professionals alike have opportunities like never before. Dispersing expert knowledge and experience using purpose built in house laboratories for not just a better company, but a better industry as a whole is the ultimate goal.



Contessa is a modern software development company run by a group of professional software engineers are highly skilled in designing, developing and implementing customized software as well as integrating with other 3rd party software. Contessa is spontaneously dedicating it’s time to produce the best and easily manageable software in an affordable price for it’s valued clients. We provide users special training to maintain the software and providing periodical upgradation of the delivered software to match with the industry and technology development.



Through consultancy services Contessa looks to engage with local enterprises with gap analysis and recommendations, infrastructure building, reducing intra-company skill gaps and implementing cyber security domains.



Through process control and solution implementations Contessa looks to help local organizations reduce risk in cyber security. For the small and medium organizations, Contessa has plans to establish their own cloud based cyber security systems that will make keeping your company safe affordable.


With a goal to create a better cyber infrastructure and a prosperous industry through sharing professional expertise and experience as well as theoretical insight, Contessa offers training and skill development programs in a wide variety of fields with laboratory facilities built in collaboration with local universities and internationally recognized training providers.

Freshers who are just starting out can get a head start in their careers with training in a wide variety of emerging technologies

  • • Robotics
  • • IOT
  • • Machine learning
  • • Big data
  • • Cyber security

Seasoned professionals can boost their careers to the next level with skill development programs.

  • • Big data
  • • Cyber security
  • • Digital forensics

Experienced, optimized and professional solutions have been Contessa’s forte from the very beginning.

Cyber security

Onsight and dedicated cyber security solutions and organization wide implementation are offered to clients looking to secure their companies from any cyber threats and security breaches. For small and medium enterprises looking to safeguard their companies on affordable prices, cloud based security solutions are offered on a subscription basis.

Business Application

From complete enterprise solutions to security and testing applications, Contessa offers application development and maintenance services for clients looking to assert their competitiveness in the market through driving collaboration and commerce with customers

  • •Enterprise Applications
  • •Enterprise architecture
  • •Testing services
  • •Security assurance
  • •Virtualization services

Digital forensics

Contessa is dedicated in helping clients track any cyber security mishaps and breaches and to mitigate issues in any security measures taken. Through the collection, preservation, protection and analysis of digital evidence, Contessa helps you narrow down on and address root causes that may be making a company vulnerable in cyberspace.

With years of on field skill and experience, Contessa guides companies towards a stronger and more secure cyber presence.

Cyber security

An assessment of a company’s situation regarding their cybersecurity infrastructure is made in order to provide a well rounded insight and expert advice on IT issues. Contessa also provides gap analysis in order to pinpoint where a cyber security system’s vulnerability might be

Project Management

With the objective to provide common standards to ensure that projects are conducted with discipline and consistency, Contessa helps clients make sure every process is on time and within budget. A goal oriented control of projects from planning, initiation, monitoring to execution and completion is Contessa’s guarantee.

Information System Audit

Contessa evaluates obtained evidence and determines whether the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity and operating effectively and with efficiency. These reviews are performed in conjunction with standard operating procedures, regulatory guidelines, financial statement audits, internal audits and other forms of attestation engagements.

About Us

To gain sustainable progress through learning platform and support organizational transformation. Also Empower people through technology enlighten the society .

To become a leader in Cyber Security and Digital Service Provider in Bangladesh.

Contessa is one of the leading companies who provides services and solutions in Skills Development, Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Software Development, Consultancy and Digital services. It has already established strong footprint in ICT Industry as well as among Government Functions and Enpertrises in Bangladesh. Contessa has earned a hig degree of trust and confidence from it’s valued customers such as CCA Office, Hi-Tech Park of ICT Division, Telecom Operators and Banks trough technology solutions and skill development program.

From its inception, Contessa has established itself as one of the leading companies working in building a better cyberspace for a brighter tomorrow. Be it with solutions in cyber security, state of the art technologies in digital forensics or sharing expert experience through skill development programs, Contessa is at the forefront of ensuring the best cyber infrastructure through adopting emerging technologies.

With a team set apart from the competition by years of experience, Contessa understands the value of your .


With unparalleled long-term, real-life experiences spanning from a diverse array of major industries such as Telecommunications, Banking and Manufacturing, the top management of Contessa leads a team full of young, dynamic and experienced IT professionals. This team is ever enriched with continuous on-field experience and a healthy curiosity to broaden their horizons with unique domain knowledge on ICT, IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data, Robotics, AI, Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, PKI and Project Management.
With a class leading team and innovative technologies and services, Contessa is all about result oriented solutions to all its valued clients.








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